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Not much is known about James ORMSBY, third child and second son to James ORMSBY ands his wife Helen STEEL. The St. Quivox Old Parochial Record (OPR) recorded his birth.

   Ormesby, James, lawful son of James Ormesby & Helen Steel born 16 November 1850, St. Quivox

James grew up with his family at Brickrow Farm for this first twenty years of his life. The 1871 census listed James, 20, ‘farmers’ son’ at Brickrow.

James’ life may have changed with the death of his father James on October 12, 1871. His father’s will identified a £100 Endowment Policy with the St. Patricke Assurance Company of Ireland to go to James on his 21st birthday, 16 November 1871.

Receipt of this windfall may have provided the chance to escape the farm that James had been looking for. His brother Richard [Richard Steele ORMSBY] had already left home and worked as a ‘banker accountant’ in Cumnock. His brother Andrew [Andrew ORMSBY] worked as a ‘clerk’, but as the eldest son he would be expected to help run the farm upon the death of his father. His brother John [John ORMSBY] was 15, but would stay and work the farm with Andrew. The youngest brother Henry [Henry ORMSBY] was 12 and still attended school.

Wherever James went after 1871 his trail goes cold. I have not found him in subsequent Scottish census, birth, marriage, or death records. Emigration records have not been thoroughly checked. He is not listed in the St. Quivox family cemetery inscriptions, even as an ‘in memoriam’ mention which might be done if he was buried elsewhere. Perhaps James emigrated and / or lost touch with his family?

Hopefully a descendant of James’ will see this blog and contact TheirOwnStories so that James story can be continued.