Other Family Members

WATSON2012-Donald-1One of the goals of this blog is to reach others who have a family connection or interest in the extended family. One such connection is Donald Slater (photo left).

Donald Slater is the great-grandson of Thomas WATSON and his wife Jane MUIR. Their son Thomas WATSON, married to Mary Copeland BELL, was his grandfather.

Donald has set up a Flickr account (www.flickr.com/photos/palaeoecogeek) to make available, to wide-spread family members, the old family photos that have come down to him through his parents and grandparents.

Donald, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, describes himself as “a single dad, a semi-retired palaeoecologist, and a walking, opinionated sack of questions …. With major interests in the realms of ecology (palaeo and modern), history, philosophy, physics and cosmology.”

Donald and I are 2nd cousins and, although we have yet to meet, agree that our family story and picture efforts complement each other. Wherever possible we will cross reference our sites to pull together known family stories and photos.

We both encourage you to contact us with any stories or photos that you may have to share.

I can be reached at theirownstories@gmail.com and Donald can be reached at donaldsslater279@gmail.com.

[This page was last edited on 12 March 2013]

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