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John ORMSBY born about 1851 in Brickrow Farm, St. Quivox, Ayrshire, Scotland, died about 1854-1855 in Brickrow Farm, St. Quivox, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the fourth child and third son of James ORMSBY and his wife Helen STEEL.

Very little is known about John aside from the St. Quivox cemetery inscription “Erected by Helen Steele in memory of … her son John who died in infancy”. His birth and death are not recorded in the St. Quivox Old Parochial Records. Childhood diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, whooping cough, typhus, smallpox and tuberculosis were prevalent and may have caused John’s death.

The baby John probably died about 1854-1855 as the next son born to James and Helen in 1853 was named Richard Steel ORMSBY so John was likely still alive. When the next son after Richard was born in 1856 he was named John [John ORMSBY] as a replacement for his deceased infant brother.

Another possible explanation is that John was stillborn, as stillborn children often went unregistered and had no burial ceremony, although in that situation the next son would have likely been named ‘John’ instead of ‘Richard’.