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John (Johnnie) Muir ORMSBY was born on 26 June 1906 in Brickrow Farm, St. Quivox, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the seventh child and second son born to John ORMSBY and his wife Helen Ramsay (MUIR) ORMSBY. While not much is known about Johnnie, it is likely that great expectations were placed on him by his parents, who had already lost their first son James Muir ORMSBY [see post 23 November 2012] four years before Johnnie’s birth.

Unfortunately, their hopes were not to be realized. Johnnie, aged 17, died at Brickrow Farm of tuberculosis on 17 May 1924. He was the fourth child of John and Helen’s to die.

His death cast gloom over his sister Jane (Jean’s) Muir ORMSBY marriage to James (Jimmy) Crawford MCGUIRE five months later [see post 16 November 2012]. Family stories indicate that the wedding was conducted in a  ‘sombre fashion’ by the grieving Ormsby family.

There are no known pictures of Johnnie.