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This story is dedicated to Mary Janet McConnell Smith, a descendant of Isabella WATSON and her husband John McCONNELL. Mary was born in Seattle, lived in Montana and now lives in Tennessee, USA. Mary has been, and continues to be, central to the research and interest in the story of Isabella and John McConnell and their descendants.

Margaret McCONNELL was the seventh child and fifth daughter born to John McCONNELL, a gamekeeper, and his wife Isabella WATSON. She was the first of the children to be born in the twentieth century since her birth occurred on 10 January 1900. Like six of her older siblings, she was born at Carcluie Cottage, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Unfortunately, Margaret’s life was short. Only eleven months old, she died after a fourteen day period of “broncho-pneumonia”. Her death occurred at Carcluie Cottage on 16 December 1900. She was the only one of John and Isabella’s eight children who did not survive to adulthood.