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Leslie James ORMSBY was born about 1882 in Otago, New Zealand to Richard Steele ORMSBY and his wife Alison SCOTT. Leslie’s early life with his family is decribed in the story of his father. [see post 9 November 2012]

Little is known about Leslie’s military career during WWI, however he may have been wounded overseas since in 1919 his address was King George V Hospital, Rotorua, in the Bay of Plenty area on the North Island. His occupation is listed as ‘soldier’ indicating he may have been a patient. His stay at the hospital may have evolved into a job as the 1928 Electoral Rolls listed him as a ‘porter’ who lived at the hospital. He married Elsie Jane MANN in 1931 when he was 49 and she was 40. Their address from that time forward was 31 Eruera Street in Rotorua.

Leslie lived in Rotorua and worked as a porter until his death in 1942 at age 60. From 1942 until 1957 Elsie lived in Rotorua. After1957 she moved to Auckland, where she died June 6, 1964. She was buried in a cemetery on Waiheke Island outside Auckland. Elsie left a will registered in the Hamilton High Court, Auckland which has not yet been checked. It is not known if the couple had any children, although perhaps Elsie moved to Auckland to be with family?

Hopefully someone with knowledge of the family will contact me so that Leslie and Elsie can tell TheirOwnStories.